Can't install Manjaro on old PC. Ideas?

Hello guys, i need a help to install Manjaro.

I am trying to install it on my old PC that have a P8H67-M EVO. I am telling the exact model because the big problem is: “this motherboard does not have a option to disable secure boot”. I searched for it on internet and other people have this problem on this model and similars

I tried to flash manjaro ISO to a flashdrive and boot it without UEFI, but i am gettin different errors like “bad sector”, “can’t find kernel”, “you need to load the kernel first” etc

Is there another way to install Manjaro on this PC or this secure boot will always mess up? Any idea is welcome. Thanks!

Sorry for my bad english

It would seem like some defective hard drive.

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Although it shows this message just sometimes, i dont think it’s related. It’s trying to run the install from the USB and, with this message, come the other errors mentioned.

Also, i am using Windows 10 in this same HDD without any problems

so you can boot normally into the live usb session, but you have problem installing?

Yes, i get to the grub screen, then i can select if im gonna install Manjaro with or without proprietary drivers. After the choice is made i get the error

That sounds like hardware problems. Never ignore the “bad sector” message even if it’s inconsistent. It’s only a matter of time.

Have you checked the iso file you are using with its hash to make sure you have a good image to write to a usb? Errors sometimes happen during downloading.

so you cant boot into usb, thats different from installing manjaro …
since you are getting bad sector, your usb may be corrupt, or the iso may be corrupt… try different usb if you have one, and use ventoy to flash the iso … and if you cant disable secure boot in your bios, try fedora/ubuntu distros, they support secure boot …

yes thats true, his usb may be corrupt

Yes, looks like this was the problem or with my motherboard that have some bugs to identify some flash drives.

I solved my problem using a SATA adapter to USB. With this i used BalenaEtcher to flash the image to a secondary hard drive and, then, i booted to Manjaro with this and installed it to the main HDD.

I also did not have any problems with the secure boot using the legacy BIOS

thanks for all the help

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