Can't install geis

I want to enable touchpad multitouch gestures, geis (Gesture Engine Interface and Support) package is required to enable multitouch.
when I install geis this message appears

could not satisfy dependencies:
- unable to satisfy dependency 'inputproto' required by grail
- unable to satisfy dependency 'grail' required by geis
  • I can’t find inputproto
  • inputproto is a dependency for grail

AUR (en) - geis

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That would be my first guess as for the reason for your “problem”

I’m pretty sure that there is another, an alternative way, to achieve what you want without this.
Some other tool or way to configure your system.
But, of course, this is really just my guess.

or you could update the PKGBUILD - look at the comments, especially the second one
then it might work

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It’s always useful to read Latest Comments.

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