Can't Install Any Packages

I’ve tried to install traceroute through terminal and it gives me an error I couldn’t understand or find online that read:
warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-1) is newer than extra (1.0.1-1)

This happens with everything I try to install. This isn’t a fresh install of Manjaro.

I don’t know if thats acutally relevant to the problem or not but after accepting I can’t download any files and says “failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)”.

The same happens through pacman GUI.

Hello, update the system first, zeitgeist is in version 1.0.2-5 in the stable branch, has it not updated the system in a while? or maybe it was installed from AUR required by another package, anyway you can remove it and install the neva version of it.

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Out of date mirror maybe?
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu