Can't install anki

I am an old, old Unix guy who was away for a couple of decades. I used Manjaro easily a few months ago. I just reinstalled and I can’t install anki.
I understand that it is no longer available on pacman.
I installed snap from the install tool and all attempts to use snap to install anki-woodrow or anki-ppd lead to various error messages.

cannot install “anki-ppd”: cannot query the store for updates: got unexpected HTTP status
code 503 via POST…
error: unable to contact snap store

I tried installing emacs --classic just to see if anything works

error:cannot install “emacs”: classic confinement requires snaps under /snap or symlink from /snap
to /var/lib/snapd/snap

I tried to do the steps, step by step on every page I could find about installing anki on Manjaro.

I am obviously missing something, hopefully embarrassingly simple…

pamac install anki-bin

pamac install anki-bin  127 ✘
Error: target not found: anki-bin

So maybe pamac build anki-bin ?

It is a AUR package, so on a default install, this might work.

Looks good so far!
Thank you.
I’ve got to fix some clock problems, but that’s to be expected…
Thank you, thank you.

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