Can't initialize character set utf8 (path /usr/share/mysql/charsets/)


I am new to both arch and manjaro. great experience so far love how easy is to find solutions on problems due to amazing wiki and community questions on different resources.

I was not able to find solution to this particular issue anywhere, my mysql client returns can’t initialize character set utf8 (path /usr/share/mysql/charsets/)
Had no issue on Ubuntu.

You have to give more information. Which email client, which versions, why do you run mysql?

utf8 is not utf8 in mysql: How to support full Unicode in MySQL databases · Mathias Bynens

Apologize for the error, was configuring system all day was bit tired.

Issue is with mysql client, Navicat 15.

I have the same issue with navicat 15, but in Dbeaver works fine. I’m trying to connect with my server.