Can't get old tablet working in Manjaro 20

I have an old vistatablet VT REALM. It is a simple battery operated pen and tablet. In Manjaro KDE Plasma 5 the kcm-wacomtablet recognizes the pen and tablet. I don’t know how to input “kcm-wacomtablet.”
I found this information on another post. I 'm not sure if it applies; can’t find a tablet tab anwhere.
"Set the mode to Absolute Mode in the tablet tab and the Area to the desired screen.
To the Stylus tab set the Eraser and Tip to where the slider passes slightly the letter T from the word Soft.
The Raw Sample to the level 5
The Suppress Rate to the level 2
Edit the pressure curve to be slightly curved downwards.
Set Button 3 to Right Mouse Button Click
Set Button 2 to Middle Mouse Button Click
Set Button 1 to Left Mouse Button Click
DO NOT check Tap to execute action
Click Apply button, disconnect and reconnect the tablet and it should work.Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I don’t understand what you’re asking

Okay, you have an old tablet

So… you can write some kind of specs into kate? Okay cool

Where what goes? How to get where?

Also, please fix your title. Newbie help please is a bad title because people in the future won’t be able to use the search function to find similar topics to help. It is far too generic of a title that doesn’t help explain what this thread is about.

Sorry realman. That was a stupid post on my part. I reposted in “Tablets” catagory; hopefully more intelligently. Thank you for your patience: I’m still learning…slowly.