Can't find UUID=

When booting computer with a hard drive manjaro installed in it, it shows that error as shown in the image. Manjaro was installed in the hard drive via another computer. The computer launched windows 7 and 10 normally before that. I wanted to install manjaro via a bootable stick as well but it doesn’t work either, showing some random text when installing. Error Message(click)

I’ve read somewhere about editing the fstab file but it doesn’t seem to work, maybe it was done incorrectly.

If i follow, you installed Manjaro using another computer, then took out the drive to put it into another.
Did you configure fstab to include partitions from other drives before the switch?

Yes that’s correct.

I’m not really sure how to do that. I tried to boot manjaro from the exact same drive that I installed manjaro on a different computer. Since it’s the same drive, wouldn’t the partitions be the same to?

I’d run lsblk -f from a bootable USB distro just to verify that the UUID is accurate for starters. If it isn’t you could then modify your /etc/fstab

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