Can't find htdocs or even web folder in Xampp to run PHP

I recently installed Xampp to run PHP files, after installing the Xampp I try to run PHP files on it, but I can’t find any GUI application or even a web folder. The Xampp server is opening in the web browser by using localhost but unable to execute PHP file from my locale system.
Please tell me how I can open htdocs folder in Xampp so that I can save my PHP file their and run them.

This is a bad decision. It is better to install all components by itself and learn how they work and configure them properly. Do not use a tool mainly designed for Windows.

However if you really want to use Xampp read the Arch wiki page.

It mentioned the web root for Apache ( /opt/lampp/htdocs/ ) . Make sure you use proper permission or it might not work as expected.