Can't find google chrome in pamac

just installed manjaro kde full, i enabled flatpak support in pamac and i can find apps like zoom… but Google Chrome doesnt appear in the pamac interface, it can be found via cli. why?

it’s in aur

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That is because it is not in the repo.

It is an unsupported custom package.

Have you also looked after chromium ?

This is in the repo :wink:

extra/chromium 121.0.6167.85-1 [Installiert]
    A web browser built for speed, simplicity, and security


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But yall … the question is why does the pamac gui not return the flatpak option for google-chrome when it is available (and the flatpak plugin is installed and enabled)?

Pamac needs to be restarted enabling flatpak to actually activate it.

But I admit the strangeness - if one search for google chrome in flatpak repo - nothing - but chrome and google on it’s own does return a heap of results including google chrome.

I think it must have something to do with how flathub can be searched -but I really don’t know.

But I’d advise to use the command line for flatpak as using pamac will require credentials - which should not be needed for flatpak.

An issue already exist in on Manjaro Linux Gitlab for this.


useless screenshot (pamac-gtk3)

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after clicking refresh databases in pamac and rebooting the pc, its the same result