Can't find directory of installed AUR packages

Hey Guys!

I installed plugins for music production using Octopi and now I need their directory to add them into my Digital Audio Workstation.

I totally don’t know where it can be, so I hope you will help🙂

Have you looked under /usr/share?

What plugins?

To find what files a package installs, check with:

pamac list --files name-of-package


pacman -Ql name-of-package

Yeah, I found some related to the plugin files but I cannot add them into my DAW

Exact one that I’m looking for is vital-synth.

I tried and it showed me a lot of directories, but I guess somewhere there I will find what I’m looking for.
Thank you guys!

If you know the plugin name or part of the name, and you run mlocate, you can type a console command something like locate -i PATTERN, where PATTERN is some part of the plugin name. If not installed, the package is mlocate. There will be a systemd service/timer (systemctl list-timers) that will run updatedb. If you want the locate database available right away, just execute the console command sudo updatedb &. The first time it runs, it may take a bit longer.

There is also the pamac GUI. When you select a package, there will be 3 tabs, “Details”, “Dependencies”, and “Files”. Each tab is scrollable, and you can scroll up and down to find the fully-qualified plugin name. Fully-qualified just means it includes the entire PATH (i.e, DIRECTORY/PLUGIN).

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