Can't find complete list of the packages that are installed

Not sure where to ask this or present this to the manjaro team but since it is related to this update or at least it was pushed out during this update and mentioned here. Is this half a gigabyte of bloat for a feature that let’s face it very few are likely to use going to be in the minimal install version of manjaro? Or is there a way to not have the manjaro-hello installed since it now is going to add this bloat to the install?

Looking on the site I’ve found this link

but when you follow the links for the individual desktop environments like take gnome for example it leads here:

the problem is that doesn’t seem like a complete list of the packages that are installed (for example manjaro-hello isn’t even mentioned at all. Where can I find a complete list of all of the packages that are installed for a minimal installation so that I could then modify that list to create my own architect installation that only installs the packages I want to have installed.

So I’m guessing the build is made up of maybe a base list and then depending on the DE chosen those packages get added to that base list. If someone could point me to a list of all of the packages that are installed as part of a minimal gnome install I would really appreciate it. The links on the forum just don’t seem to point to a complete list but I’m sure it is because I don’t fully understand how that build process works.

Thank you in advance. Also moderators if this isn’t where this should go please move this to the appropriate area, like I said I placed it here since this is where the issue has come up during this release cycle.

Thank you to the manjaro team for creating such an awesome distribution. You seriously are making Linux as a primary daily driver for people a true reality and making it accessible to a huge audience that otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy the latest software combined with the reliability all of your testing and efforts bring to this distribution.

I think after a little more digging I embarrassingly found my answer hidden in plain sight. If someone could confirm that the file manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux59-pkgs.txt (for the example of the gnome minimal list) is a complete list of all the packages that make up the installation.

For anyone else wondering these files are located alongside the ISOs on the mirrors for example:

Your guess is correct:

The link below might be helpful. It describes the iso-profiles.

Thanks for the link @stargazer and @Yochanan that is more helpful than just the list of packages I found on the mirrors. I definitely prefer learning how the build process works before reloading my system from scratch with just the packages that I want to have installed.

If you have a working system, you might be interested in the 2 files in the root directory.

  • /desktopfs-pkgs.txt
  • /rootfs-pkgs.txt

Definitely search this forum and the archived forum for buildiso. Google site search is helpful. Just add site: after your search arguments. If you know this already, just ignore it :slight_smile:

You might also be interested in the Manjaro Youtube Channel (Whattttt… Manjaro has a Youtube channel :wink: ). There is a video, Manjaro Tools: How to create your own Manjaro Spin.

That video is great, I’ll have to check out the channel and see what other goodies I’ve been missing.

Thanks for the video…

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