Cant find bluetooth files

So essentially ive started using manjaro again cause i actually have a laptop that doesnt throw a tantrum when I use it. and I transferred a large number of files over bluetooth. The problem is that I cant locate most of them. a few of them are in my downloads folder but my question is where are the other files? Did I just lose all of those files? I set my bluetooth manager to move received files to my home folder from now on but before I didnt have a set folder. but i got notifications that I received said files so IDK. Your help is appreciated

You only have write access in your home directory and the directories below that, so any files you have copied over from elsewhere will be confined to that subtree of directories. The default would normally be either the home directory itself, or if you used a GUI tool for copying, possibly ~/Downloads.

If you know the names of files that you’ve copied but have gone missing, you can try looking for them with locate :arrow_down:

sudo updatedb
locate -i name-of-file | grep home