Can't find and install any packages with arch=(any)

There are packages like pacui that have architecture any that I cannot seem to isntall via pacman (can’t find target), however when I build the package myself and deploy it to my own repository, it installs fine.

What am I missing? Using Phosh beta9 on pinephone but uninstalled phosh and installed my own DE of choice sway

I don’t think pacman installs packages from the AUR, I think you need to use an AUR helper like yay.

Pamac is the default aur helper on manjaro (you can use yay if you prefer). Pamac can also be used to install/upgrade system apps

pacui is in the community repos and architecture is any.

Like is isntallable on Manjaro ARM but cannot be installed via pacman.

The maintainers should be linking -any packages across /$arch/ subtrees.

It’s impractical that it has to be done though, I removed subdirectories in my custom repo due exactly this issue.

The issue is, it is “any” in a x86_64 repo… better would be to have a “any” repo.

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