Can't find a good countdown timer application

I’ve been looking for a good, simple countdown timer app, most of the one I install don’t seem to play any sounds when the time is up, so I just don’t notice it a lot of the time and then my food is all burnt :frowning:. I have used the plasma timer widget as well does not play any sounds, and If I put it in the panel it’s basically invisible cause, I use dark themes, does anyone know any good timers apps, thank you.

Kronometer and KAlarm

again KAlarm that you can add sound file to it, also as described here

A nice widget is this

no sound but you can ask the developer to implement it.
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I use kteatime. The Anonymous option allows you to select an arbitrary time.


I personaly changed the default “event” (clock) widget in the panel by “event calendar” (you can install it from the widget gui) it has the weather and also a timer with sound and notification.

and you can change the sound file in the settings if you don’t like the default coming with it.

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Thank you, this one’s nice!

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