Can't execute .exe from desktop

Hi, i have problem when run .exe file with wine from desktop, it show warning like this
but when i run the same file from dolphin it run well,
the file that i want to run is winbox64.exe and actually i have try other .exe file and the result is same

i have read some topic but not find solutions, so if there someone with more knowledge might be able to help me with this

Thanks in advance for any help

Is it the actual .exe or a .desktop file pointing to it and/or a shortcut?
Also … what is your dekstop config - is this in a widget or on the “Folder View” Desktop ?

its actual .exe, and i think it folder view desktop

I dont use wine or that desktop layout … but I wonder what results you would have using a .desktop file as a launcher instead.

thank you @cscs create .desktop file to run wine the .exe file works pretty well,
just wonder is it wrong configuration in my laptop or bug

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