Can't edit keybindings in LXQT

Good day.
I’m actually running Manjaro with LXQT as desktop. I can’t edit default keybindings, neither add new ones. From the default setting manager I add a new global shortcut, but then it doesn’t appear in the shortcuts list. Editing shortcuts seems to work, but then the new shortcut doesn’t work…I also tried to edit Openbox shortcuts file, but it doesn’t seem to be effective. How could I solve this?
Thank you all, bye!

Preferences → LXQt Settings → Shortcut Keys is the place to add/remove shortcuts.

And the shortcut works immediately after you save it.

Also check the Session Settings - verify the Global Keyboard Shortcuts has not been disabled.

Check the ownership and permissions of the ~/.config/lxqt/globalkeyshortcuts.conf. The file needs to be owned by you, and be able to be written to.

Hi all. Thank you for the support. I’ve actually switched to another DE to have something more complete, but I’ll be happy to try both solutions for sake of comprehensiveness (and to select an answer, of course).
Thank you again.