Cant download AUR packages with error 429 Am i banned?

Hi, I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro just now and the first thing i did was to update everything via “add/remove” and got lots of “unknown site/package” errors, after updating in terminal, No packages from AUR are showing and pamac gives me error 429 which when i searched means im ip banner, right ?
Is this permanent or will i get unbanned eventually ? Should i just go back to Ubuntu ? Because AUR was mainly the reason i switched.

Your IP has been rate limited due to too many requests:

  • The API rate is limited to a maximum of 4000 requests per day per IP.

Are you using a VPN? Either way, your current IP address has sent too many requests. If not using a VPN, try releasing and renewing your IP. Usually rebooting your modem / wireless gateway will accomplish this.

Thank you for the reply. Tried turning my modem off and on but it did not work and im still getting the same error. Also my “curl ifconfig me” stayed the same after resetting both my modem and the second router which i have connected to my first modem

Also i get 1. “failed retrieving file ‘core.db’ from mirrors.serverhost”.“ro” and “failed retrieving file ‘core.db’ from mirror.philpot”.“de : Could not resolve host: mirror.philpot”.“de” when doing pacman -Syu

These two issues are not connected.

I believe the AUR IP ban is for 24 hours, so have patience.
The second one can be fixed by updating your mirrors" sudo pacman-mirrors -f

My friend got this same error 429 from AUR.

You can try:

  1. Open the link: AUR (en) - Packages
  2. Search package what you need.
  3. Find and copy git URL in package detail for example:*.git
  4. Open the terminal.
  5. git clone*.git
  6. Run makepkg -si in the directory of this git.
  7. Done