Cant create split tunnel openvpn network connection but can run from command line

My company uses a split tunnel VPN that sends all company traffic through the vpn and other traffic goes normally. When I try to import my vpn config into my network connections, I have no internet. However, if I use my config, provided by the company, from the command line it works:

openvpn --config my_config.ovpn

Any idea how I can solve this to not tie up a terminal window?

Can you provide a sanitised version of the config you are importing?
Can you show errors from when you connect? for example journalctl -f

One issue I found with network manager recently, when importing a ovpn file: if using UDP and fragment is set to 0, the fragment feature is set to active with a 0 size.
This config used to behave fine, but a recent update makes this an error situation. A workaround is to set frament to inactive (using network manager UI). Another workaround is to delete the fragment line from the config file before importing.

I mean, if you’re not picky. Make a script (or type it in a terminal and close it) containing:

openvpn --config my_config.ovpn &
disown -a

Make it executable, run it and openvpn should be running in the background until you logout or kill it manually. If you want it to keep running even if you log out add the -h tag.

I am doing that now but its inconvenient. I cant get the split tunnel aspect to work with the network connections panel and when I enable the vpn it cuts off all internet

My bad, I misunderstood. I thought it was “working” this method and suggested you put the commands in a script, run, disown the job and close the terminal to “not tie up a terminal”.

Sorry, can’t help you with the error. :frowning: