Can't create ext4 parition on my new notebook

First I used gparted live, mkfs and then the manjaro installation, but none of them could create an ext4 filesystem.

In gparted I could create the gpt, but after 3 hours I got an error, unfortunately I did not save the message, but it was kind of a “start…ending” error.

It is a mmc SSD. (Asus Vivobook e410k).

I have to admit, that on my first attempt to paritionate the ssd, my notebook run out of energy while fortmating.

was the harddisk unmounted?

I reproduced the error:

"mkfs.ext4 -F -O ^64bit -L " /dev/mmcblk0p1 (error)

64-bit filesystem support is not enabled. The larger fields afforded by this feature enable full-strength checksumming. Pass -O 64bit to recify.
mkfs.ext4:input/output error while writing out and closing file system"

I don’t think so.

i looked for the error and didnt find much… try creating a new partition table, by booting into a live session of manjaro (kde partition manager has the option to create new partition table) but first unmount the disk… also try to format it in nfts, than btrfs, then try ext4 … it could also possibly be a hardware issue, your disk got somewhat damaged during the running out of energy

Update: I returned this Notebook, the strange thing is that the Windows installer could partitionate it without problems.

This looks weird.
There are these quotation marks.
There was no label given - despite the -L option being used.
You apparently had to force it - the -F switch
and then you said this:

to whether it was unmounted …

You should be sure about the last one - and this was likely the reason for failure - to create a filesystem, the partition cannot be mounted.

according to
man mkfs.ext4
the -F switch needs to be given twice in order to do it anyway

… likely user error - or the installer not letting you know that the partition was mounted when it should not have been …