Can't copy and paste between windows 10 in vmware and manjaro

Hi. I’ve install vmware on manjaro and create a windows 10 VM. Everything is fine except the clipboard sharing not working, neither to copy and paste from host to VM nor reversed. I’ve follow the manjaro wiki and done everything, still not work out. It’s there any solution?

This guide is a courtesy to the forum don’t expect any support on VMware related issues.

If copy and paste does not work, you may need to install gtkmm3 and re-boot. vmware-user-suid-wrapper depends on gtkmm, but it’s not a required dependency of the package. See: FS#43159 : [open-vm-tools] vmware-user-suid-wrapper depends on gtkmm, but it's not a dependency of the package

Thanks. I’ve installed gtkmm, gtkmm3, open-vm-tools and even gtkmm4, it still not working.

It is a commercial product - use a supported distribution - or talk to vmware - they have forums and support channels.

Or use VirtualBox - [root tip] VirtualBox - Installation - USB - Shared Folder

there’s a command that force/run the open vm tools ;
i think it’s vmware-user
it solved this issue for me before.

Finally I solve it. Just switch wayland to X11.

Base on the official reply of open-vm-tools developer, wayland is not support yet.

We know that.

It generally shows the importance of including system information because such information would have revealed usage of Wayland.

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