Can't continue installation process with gnome-initial-setup

I’ve installed Manjaro Gnome 20.2 on MBR partition (using BIOS) and after reboot it shows wallpaper and top panel, but it doesn’t show gnome-initial-setup window that should ask my name, hostname, timezone, etc. That way, I can’t use Manjaro, Ctrl-Alt-F* doesn’t show any text so I can’t escape Initial setup that doesn’t work properly. I’ve tried installing with proprietary and open source drivers but it didn’t solve the problem.

Sorry for possible mistakes in my text.

Maybe try to check the checksum of the iso you used in case it for corrupted in download?

I’ve checked it. It’s not corrupted.

The same thing is happening to me. I have downloaded the gnome version five times and have not been able to install it. I have downloaded the XFCE and KDE version and everything is correct.

Thank you for reporting and confirming the issue. We might replace gnome-initial-setup with calamares based solution in the future releases, we will have to see.