Cant connect to internet at school

New to this forum and Linux in general sorry if I say/do something wrong.

I downloaded Manjaro a few days ago, and everything works fine. The internet at my house, which I use primarily, works flawlessly. However, I use this laptop at school too, and I cannot use it anymore due to the internet not connecting to my laptop.

I will click on the WiFi to connect, then it will ask me for my username and password, as per usual. When I enter my details, the WiFi symbol in the taskbar spins around for a few seconds and then I’ll be asked for my login details again.

I’ve tried everything I know to fix this, which isn’t much, so if anyone has had a similar problem or knows what to do to fix this, ill be happy

Hi @Seal, and welcome!

While I admit that I’ve never, really, had to deal with or work with something like it, it kind of sounds like a captive portal, which would make sense in your case I guess.

The fact that it asks for a password would make that true. The fact that it doesn’t work if you supply it makes me think that the problem does not lie on you computer’s end.

Except, possibly, if the school uses a different type of IP address. Meaning the IP address at your house is dynamic, while the school requires a static one. Or vice versa.

Regardless, I suspect your best bet would be to contact the school’s network administrator. They’d have to know, at least, whether the IP range is static or dynamic, or they might even be able to fix the problem, which, the more I think of it, the less my theories makes sense. But that’s probably just me.

Hope you manage!

And I really hope the network administrator(s) can help. Otherwise I hope this challenges them and makes them think outside the Windows packaging box.

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You could watch and see what happens when you try to establish the connection and maybe get some clues from there as to why it isn’t successful:
open a terminal and have the syslog printed to it as it happens:

journalctl -f


sudo dmesg -WH --level=err,notice,info

then watch the output as you try to connect.

This might give you or us or the administrator the clues to be able to help you.

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Which kind of authentication is your school using? Is it similar to eduroam? (If you don’t know this name, don’t bother.)

There might a certificate that has to be imported first. Do they give at least instructions for Windows or Smartphones where we could adapt the settings?

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