Cant connect to any network

Im joao, a new linux user, and i cant connect to any network with my d-lilnk dwa 131, but i cant post the results of terminal commands here, since i cant even open the forum in manjaro, so i cant provide any relevant information. any solution to that?

Disabling fastboot on windows might solve your issue if you dual boot and have hardware initialization issues:

Searching with your type of card and manjaro linux bring ups this thread in the archived forum:

You can save commands output to files and save them on Windows partition or USB drive and then copy it here :wink:

that helps a lot!! thanks!!

Please don’t post run-on sentences as a topic title. Edited.

Please see:

When I had an issue that was very similar to this, i was able to overcome it enough to just post on the forums by tethering with a mobile phone. You might want to try that.

ok, sorry and thanks