Can't connect my Xbox One Controller with the dongle

Hello, i’m new to Manjaro (KDE) and Linux in general.
I am trying to connect my copy of Xbox Generic Controller ( i buy it when travelling to China last month) , of course it’s not official and i can’t find the brand lol .
It works perfectly and native on Windows, but Linux is quite impossible.

When i open my computer and Manjaro, my gamepad will make some light for 1 or 2 seconds then shut down, but the dongle will keep the light on. Then, i can’t connect . I have to unplug and plug again the dongle to trigger the controller that will shut down 2 seconds later again
I am running Kernel 6.4

I tried to install :

  • Xone
  • XboxDRV
    And many other drivers or packages, and none of these are working.
    I spent hours looking for solution but it seems very difficult. I’m lost.

Any fix please?


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Post output of lsusb and lsusb -t commands.