Can't change back Konsole icon

i switched between a few icon themes and then went back to my original one.
but the Konsole icon is not what i used to have.
so i manually set it to my preferred one through edit Profile by clicking on the square box,
and even though it shows as changed,it doesn’t apply on Latte dock and elsewhere.

log out and reboot didn’t help.

this only changes the icon for your profile but not for the konsole application. try ctrl+shift+t to open a new tab and at the bottom you will see your icon of your profile. to change the icon in latte dock and elsewhere you have to change the icon theme only

i did change the whole icon theme a few times back and forth,
i can only edit “Breath 2” and “Myprofile”;the other 2 don’t have an edit option to manually change the icon.

try removing the icon cache and reboot

rm ~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache
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i tried that but only logged out and it didn’t work.
maybe it’s related to that?:

it seems to be an issue with this icon theme.