Can't boot past splash, timed out waiting for device

Happens… hope you have backup… :slight_smile:

Create a home folder and add a user when in chroot:

useradd -m <username>
passwd <username>
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Well, for backup I always have current Timeshift, but if that drive is dead maybe its no good. All important stuff syncs with my Nextcloud server though.

Thank you both for all of your patient help. You helped me solve problems, identify a faulty drive, and I learnt more about navigating around from a live boot with chroot. :+1:

At the end, there was nothing that would let me in. After chroot, I changed password, create a new user but still could not sign in. And then realized all of my docs and data are on the dead hdd, so with nothing to lose I wiped and decided to give KDE a try. :grin: