Can't boot past splash screen

running BSPWM community edition on system 76 laptop, hybrid nvidia450 installed

against better judgment, laptop was connected to external monitor and display was changed

I now can’t boot past lightdmDM slick greeter. I can get into TTY, echo $DISPLAY returned blank line.

I’ve tried

  • removing /tmp/.X0-log
  • reinstalling xorg
  • rm ~/.Xauthority
  • set $DISPLAY=:0.0

I just want to use my laptop

what am I missing?
I would post inxi info but I am writing this on my cell phone, because I can’t use said laptop


That is expected in TTY, because DISPLAY is set when X is running.

Can you be more specific what happens when you try to boot?

EDIT, Maybe you should edit this topic title to summarize your problem. Something like “Can’t boot with hybrid nvidia450”.

@kainonergon I really appreciate the response

after power up laptop the splash screen appears with my username visible

after I type password following loop happens (~ 10 seconds start to finish )

  • screen goes black with mouse arrowhead visible
  • arrow disappears
  • screen upper left a " _ " flashes
  • initial splash screen appears again

I can CTL ALT F2 to TTY and architect login 5.10.2-2 appears
I type in username and password

/etc/profile.d/ command not found: append_path

this line appears 5 more times with “6” replaced with 8,10,5,7,9
separate issue I’ve sent on forum ( Perl 5.32.0-3 bug, introduced by Stable Update 2020.10.01)
i don’t understand the solution but 1 issue at a time

command open display "default display"  
unable to connect to X11 display. Is $DISPLAY set? 
command open display "default display"  
unable to connect to X11 display. Is $DISPLAY set? 
architect% _

if i type echo $SHELL it returns /usr/bin/zsh
if i type echo $DISPLAY it returns empty line
that is why i thought it was problem with $DISPLAY variable
i didn’t want to assume problem was related to video card

I’m not sure if the issue is due to append_path error, but probably you should try to fix it. As far as I understand the solution is to merge changes introduced by an update to /etc/profile file. You can use sudo pacdiff command to do that and better read this wiki article on how to handle .pacnew files.

thank you for the reference link

ok i entered sudo pacdiff and overwrote existing files to merge updates

now if i try to login as regular user or root in tty it returns
Login incorrect

i remember option to chroot available through live USB for repair options
when i try to boot , the installation stops at
FINISHED TLP system startup/shutdown

i am willing to learn my mistake but do not know how to diagnose the problem.

any suggestions how to proceed?

I guess you overwrote not only profile but also shadow which stores login and password information. I would recommend next time to view changes and apply them line by line where necessary. And don’t overwrite shadow.

Does that mean you can not boot to live USB? If you can, try to chroot manually. I think there are some how-tos on the forum or on the wiki. If no luck, maybe reinstall is an option too.

EDIT. Here is solution of a similar problem:

i was able to follow instructions above
i am so grateful for this community and its supportive developers
sincerely thank you

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