Can't boot Manjaro which shows on bootloader/ dual boot Windows 10

First time installing Linux on my DELL g3 3590. I have 2 ssd`s one is nvme which has the original win10. And the other is a sata ssd with a partition with win 10 files. And the manjaro install.
this sata linux partitions are as this after install:

##|v1|## partition table of /dev/sda
# on Saturday, 21 August 2021 17:31:28 -03
type: "gpt"
align: "sector"

# number start end type roles label flags

This is my third reinstall did with normal ext4 and tried some other solutions with grub. When I reboot I can select manjaro in bootmanager but it goes to a black screen.
I disabled all bios options I found here on the forum. Secure boot, fast boot, everything…

After finding a post here about a problem with the KDE Plasma version, (seems the calamares auto install is messing flags on the installation. Decided to try the GNOME, and voila here I am writing this reply. If you are on a similar setup, I recommend to avoid KDE for now.

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