Cant boot into phosh after last update

Hi, today after i performed update on my pinephone (nopro) with

pacman -Syu

it boots, but can’t start phosh which goes into infinite loop. I would be really grateful for help.


Hi, I can confirm the issue. After updating on Manjaro Unstable, Phosh no longer starts.

For now I have disabled the phosh service, enabled gdm and I’m using regular GNOME just so I’m not without a phone.

I did notice mutter and gnome-shell got updated so I tried rolling those back but nothing changed.

The issue Was resolved by update. I was able to login by ssh and run it trough command line. It seems that phosh and phoc caused a problem.

Thanks for the devs!

@tanovich Thanks for reporting back, I updated today as well and it works now. phosh and phoc probably needed to be rebuilt against new library versions.