Cant boot Gnome with RTX 3060 and Architest fails

Hey All,

So i recently upgraded and got a new PC with an intel i7 10700 and RTX 3060 ti

When trying to boot of my Manjaro Gnome USB drive for 20.2.1 , i just get a _ symbol constantly using free and non free, it simply wont boot.

I read on Phoronix that 5.11 will have Nouvou support for RTX 30 series cards, i cant wait till manjaro and other distros start using that kernel

I read that you need to use architect until Manjaro’s next release ( which will have the newer nvidia drivers )

Manjaro Architect fails to when running setup, this is on a VM, but happens on live to from a USB drive.
:: util-linux-libs and libutil-linux are in conflict.
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
( conflicting dependancies )

( i had to use gyazo cause i cant figure out how to copy and paste from vmware )

you should check iso dev ( Testing - unstable )
with last drivers nvidia