Can't associate .lbrn files with LightBurn

I use a program called lightBurn. but nautilus is not able to match the program with its .lbrn file
I have used several alternatives from the basic “right click - open with another application - see all applications. (I can’t find the program listed)” to others a little more elaborate

lightBurn is a program that claims to be cross-platform and I find it strange that it can’t be recognized by nautilus, double-click and voila, open the file with the correct program. I did a test recently with your version of kde and if it worked, delpin recognized it.
opening with doubleclick is simple. but it’s not gnome and I just want it to work fine on my favorite desktop.

How did you install it? It is available from the AUR via pamac GUI or in terminal

pamac build lightburn-bin

no, the program comes as .run from the official lightBurn website.
install it with
~$ sudo ./