Can't adjust volume using dedicated keys on my keyboard

I use pipewire with Easy Effects and my sound works great, but I’ve noticed a strange issue.
When I use multimedia keys on my keyboard for adjusting volume, it should adjust the volume of the selected output - which in my case is a virtual output device Easy Effects Sink (see below), but even if I move the slider all the way down to 0%, the output level on my speakers (in dB) is still at 100%.

It’s like virtual output device volume settings are completely ignored. Same thing happens when I use any volume slider marked with magenta above. What am I missing?

On a side note: When I move the slider of my hardware output device - everything works as expected - not only slider goes up and down, but I can hear the output on my speakers correspond to the appropriate level of the volume setting.

Also, the volume control inside of the Easy Effects works normally - it really does turn the volume up and down (yellow arrow below).

Long story short - it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :roll_eyes:

Easy Effects should NEVER be set as the default output device. Although you should set your hardware output device, the Easy Effects’ plugin probes are linked directly to the soundcard device monitor ports and not to the virtual device monitor ports, so the sound effects should work even if everything is playing directly to the soundcard instead of the virtual sink.

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