Can't adjust screen light

While trying to push the buttons for ajusting light on my keyboard, which previously worked on my old HP ProBook 450 G0 running Manjaro KDE Plasma edition, nothing happens. There is also something weird with the corresponding sound buttons, which work, but the cool thing on the screen that shows the volume, which I also really liked, is gone.

I don’t know if this is related, but I think it started to happen around the same time as when I was trying to get rid of an annoying beep sound, see my other post (unfortunately I’m not allowed to post links). The code I wrote in the terminal looked like this:

sudo su
pacman -S dialog
dialog --infobox "Getting rid of that retarded error beep sound..." 10 50
rmmod pcspkr
echo "blacklist pcspkr" > /etc/modprobe.d/nobeep.conf ;

Hope someone can help me getting back the possibility of changing screen light, whilst also not having that annoying beep sound.

I don’t think, it is related, but you can

sudo su
insmod pcspkr

to temporarily revert what you did there.

Thanks, but why would I revert what I did if it’s not related?

How can I revert the revert afterwards?

Also I really don’t wont back the annoying error sound as it doesn’t turn of even when the sound is turned off, which is not tolerable with be…

I don’t know, just to test your hypothesis. :smiley:

It’s temporary, so, just by a reboot or an

rmmod pcspkr

But back to the actual problem, this seems a lot like your case: Bug #1462221 “Display Brightness Cannot be Changed” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu Some possible solutions are described in the comments.