Can't access log in options - Failed to start Light Display Manager

Hello everyone, I installed light dm because sddm wasn’t showing virtual keyboard on login but I uninstalled lightdm without disabling it or changing it to sddm and now when I try to boot it goes to black screen with “Failed: Failed to start Light Display Manager.” Message I try so many older posts but either I didn’t understand it correctly or it’s not the same but it’s not working for me can anyone please help me…

… so many older posts say go tty by holding Ctrl + Alt + F2 but that also does nothing for me … I can access the grub menu with “edit boot options and grub command line” if that helps … Thanks in advance and I hope you’re having a blessed day/night!!!

You may want to give more info about your system when posting a question like this. See if this thread helps. GDM does not start until I switch tty,

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Hey thanks for the reply but like I stated above I couldn’t get into tty I can’t sudo or anything how can I get into tty in the first place? Ctrl + Alt + F2-F6 doesn’t trigger anything.

Try another distro like Manjaro Gnome and see what happens, this will isolate whether it is a system issue or an incompatibility issue.

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I can access windows which is on the the same hard drive and manjrao on another hard drive they work just fine! Thanks for the quick response

I finally figured out how to access tty after so many tries the actual button for my laptop to trigger tty is Alt + Fn + F2 … But when I access tty it’s telling me my password is incorrect I’ve been using this password to login for the past six months I’m stuck

I typed root instead of my actual username and used my password to access tty and typed startx and gained access to my system just in case if it helps anyone else in the future … Thanks for your time, help and kindness!!!

For the love of GNU Linux please STOP logging in the Desktop Environment as root !!!

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