Canon TR7600 - Driver Not Found

after installing the manjaro-printing package, I have a Canon TR7600 printer. I’m able to detect it just fine.

There’s no TR* drivers in the “Select a Deriver” dialog, and I couldn’t find any generic driver which works.

the list of Canon printers ends before getting to TR.

search the AUR for



AUR (en) - canon-pixma-ts5055-complete

this should be the package that you need

base-devel package group needs to be installed first in order to use AUR

That added a TR7600 driver to my list and it’s currently printing.

Follow-up: How does one determine what package includes their printer?
(For the sake of future googlers)

My Google search term to get info specific to your question was simply:

Canon TR7600 arch

An I landed right at/in the AUR

Manjaro isn’t Arch, I know - but that is where it comes from - and where the non-standard drivers and other software is/are.

I don’t get canon-pixma-ts5055-complete when googling “Canon TR7600 arch”.

Also, How did you tell that was the right package? It doesn’t say anything about the TR7600 in the description?

I land right here:

PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

second hit on Google

and if you search the page content (CTRL + F to find that phrase in the page …)
you’ll find your model mentioned

… that is why Google found it, btw … :grimacing:

and then I continued (just one step further) on the AUR search page itself.

… even effectively searching seems to be somewhat of an occult art nowadays :man_shrugging:

But good to know that I put you on the right track and your printer is working now

and I will say that Bing and Yahoo and whatever else … would either not have presented it within the first few results, or not at all

that is why I do keep using Google, despite of all the “objections” (for a variety of reasons)

I want meaningful results.
And that is what I’m usually and consistently getting from Google.

back in the old days it was “Altavista” that was the best/most effective - then Google came
and it earned it’s reputation and is still delivering on it.