Canon printer installing drivers

hi guys
I would like to install my printer canon mp230 into my laptop. can somebody tell me how can I do that?
thank you

I have a Canon MP280 and it was installed automatically. What flavor of Manjaro did you install? The Printer settings applet should guide you through it.

hi cscs. thank you for your response. can you please tell me, on your first link which commands should I do on my terminal in order to install my printer because I never use manjaro before or any other version of linux. and to the 2nd link I couldn’t find anything to help me out. thanks

pff…I really don’t know which one is, as i said I am new on linux, a friend of mine helped me to install manjaro and then he said that it will be a bit of challenge for me to work on it…so I am still learning. thanks

The first link is the instructions.
The second link is the package.

But if yochanan is right, you may not need it - so see to that first.
If you have the manjaro-printer package installed (most versions do), then open Print Settings.