Canon PIXMA MG6450 printer only prints grayscale with Manjaro Gnome Edition

Hello everyone,

After many years of satisfied Manjaro use, I have a problem. My HDD fell apart and I had to rebuild my system. Straight to an SSD this time which is an insane speed boost for my old system.

However, my printer now refuses to print in color. Set up normally via the Gnome settings => Add printer => Network address entered => gutenprint driver.

First it was normal in color but much too dark. I knew the problem from before and knew that it was due to the RGB color setting. This must also be provided in CMYK. The problem:
When I select this under printer options in the pull-down menu, it ticks the box, but it doesn’t save it.
If I call the option again, it is back to grayscale. It is to be crazy. There is also no “Save” button or anything like that.

Managing via the CUPS web interface does not work either. Even if the default is CMYK, GNOME’s printer settings seem to override the whole thing.

Has anyone here ever had this problem?

Is there perhaps some config file that I can edit manually or something?

Thanks for the help.