Canon PIXMA MG5650 printer not working in Manjaro yet

Hi i have been running manjaro gnome version for an while now switched from other Ubuntu based Linux half to say i like arch based os much more

and i am loving manjaro so much is the best os i have used in an long time for my day to day work tasks as an website design and computer tech.

but for some reason i cant seem to get my printer to work but i dont understand why as it works ok on Linux mint and it did ok on zorin os as well i have an cannon mg5650 and its connected via wifi

i cant seem to work out what is different in manjaro to why it dose not work yet it did in mint and zorion os

when i go to the printers settings it dose show cups-BRF-printer but that dose not seem to pick up my printer i was wondering if anyone now what might be missing in manjaro to why its not working yet it dose work in ubuntu base os

thank you for your time

Hi and welcome to the forum :wave:

Some more guidance for printers can be found here: Printing - Manjaro

You might need avahi for the mDNS detection (that was something I needed for an older canon)
systemctl enable now avahi-daemon.service should enable avahi

Hi hanzel thank you for this information i am going to go ahead and try i not been around much last few days to try so ill reply if i get problems

I see there are Linux drivers on their website for this printer/scanner, so probably you need a driver. I can also see on the AUR that multiple drivers are available for download, and one is probably the proper one for your printer/scanner.

Based on the driver from Canon website, this AUR package seems to be the relevant one for the printer AUR (en) - cnijfilter2-mg7500 and this one for the scanner AUR (en) - scangearmp2-mg7500
I can’t confirm these AUR packages would work, they are old, unmaintained, and may not work. You could try that anyway, but as said, no guarantee (and from the look of it, the PKGBUILD is kinda doing weird stuff, personally I wouldn’t use these AUR packages).

I also found more up to date and maintained packages here for the printer AUR (en) - cnijfilter2 and here for the scanner AUR (en) - scangearmp2

Arch WIKI too CUPS/Printer-specific problems - ArchWiki