Canon PIXMA MG2450 does not print black in browsers

The system is Manjaro XFCE with Canon PIXMA MG2450 connected via USB. If I print anything out of a browser (does not matter if Firefox or Chromium) it doesn’t print black. If I select color mode, all colors, except black, can be seen on the paper; with black&white mode the paper is blank.
The same also happens if I print a test-page inside of CUPS.
BUT if I print out of qpdfview, everything works perfect.
A workaround would be to just save the site to pdf everytime and then open it in qpdfview, but since this is the system of my grandfather, this is not really an option for him.

Is this an issue of the printer or of the PC? And is it possible to fix this?
Thank you very much!

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Did you install the AUR package for it?

pamac build canon-pixma-mg2400-complete
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