Canon MG5220 Printer install

So, I’m trying to use my Canon Pixma MG5220 on Manjaro (xfce) and I had just installed:


However, no matter if I try to set it up in CUPS as an LPD printer (which I had been able to fix previously, until some updates), or if I let it auto set it up. It doesn’t work with this driver and it seems that other drivers that match from the AUR are not compiling (which I can provide messages from if need be). I’d love to be able to use it over my network. (I have a pfSense router as well)

Help, anybody?

It also seems like cnijfilter-mg5200 doesn’t install at all.

If there is anything I can get from the logs, I can provide them here.

So far, it seems that CUPS is trying to connect to it via LPD, which I’ve specified in my pfSense rules, but it appears that the printer itself just rejects any traffic.

pfTop: Up State 1-4/4 (93), View: default, Order: bytes
PR        DIR SRC                           DEST                                   STATE           AGE       EXP     PKTS    BYTES
tcp       In                             CLOSED:SYN_SENT     00:00:23  00:00:23        5      300
tcp       Out                           SYN_SENT:CLOSED       00:00:23  00:00:23        5      300
udp       In                        NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE       00:00:32  00:00:00        2      142
udp       Out                            SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC   00:00:32  00:00:00        2      142

ich bin recht neu von Windows weg und nun glücklich mit Manjaro Linux.
Was noch nicht gut funktioniert ist die Wartung meines Canon Druckers.
Ich habe zwar das hier installiert: canon-pixma-ip7200-printer 3.80-1 AUR,
aber es werden weder Tintenstand angezeigt noch kann ich einen Drüsentest machen noch kann ich Reinigen. Ist das normal unter Linux? Nur das Drucken geht. Wie macht Ihr das?
Der Drucker ist Canon Pixma ip7250.
Danke Euch im Voraus und hoffe, dass ich das hierher schreiben darf. Ich fürchte, ich darf noch kein neues Thema erstellen.

Try installing the cnijfilter2 driver with the package manager. If this is a wireless printer try setting it up with IPP. The syntax for that is: ipp://ipadress/ipp/print and then select the 5.70 driver version. This was the only way I could get my Canon PIXMA TR4522 working in Manjaro.

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Hello @jbonez50,
thank you very much.
I had installed this so far:
canon-pixma-ip7200-printer 3.80-1 AUR and cnijfilter-ip7200 3.80-2 AUR
now I have installed what you recommended: cnijfilter2 6.10-1 – Canon IJPirnter Driver for Linux.
It looks like nothing has changed. Is it not possible to do a print head cleaning and a print head test with Linux and Canon printers?

Just curious, did you install as IPP?

what is IPP?
Unfortunately, I do not know this at all. Do you want to explain that to me?

If you are using KDE, go to settings and select printers. Once there select add printer and select network printer. From there select IPP, in the host box type: ipp://ipaddress(which is your printers ip address)/ipp/print. Click next and it will ask you for the driver. Select Canon and you should see a driver choice of version 5.70. Select that and click finish. It should install and give you the printer setup and configured. At this point you should be able to print a test page. It should print fine, it did for me.

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My Manjaro has XFCE. Is there also this: IPP
Is maybe this “Druckereinstellungen - hlocalhost” the same?


I can print from Linux, but I don’t have all the service tools and settings that are available in Windows.

I see, I can install: ipp-usb 0.9.19-1 - do you think I should install it?

If the printer is installed that is great. As far as the other features of your printer they will likely require their own drivers. You might want to try to install an app called Print Settings from the Package manager. It is more feature rich and may give you more printer settings options. If the printer is USB and works I would not install the ipp-usb 0.9.19-1.

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Hello jbonez50,
I can not find: “Print Settings”
but I can install: pirnt-manger 21.08.-1 - Do you mean this one?

I have not used that application, but you may want to give it a try.

I have tried print-manager - nothing changes.
Good, now I’ll leave everything as it is. I can print. Unfortunately, I have to start Windows from time to time to clean and adjust the print head. A pity, but ok.

This is a great forum with many good helpers. This makes Manjaro even more fun.
Thank you all very much.

I’m glad I was able to help. Sorry it is not full functional for you, if I find anymore information I will post it.