Canon MF113W cannot print, only data transfer LED lighting

I am using Canon MF113W printer. It well works for Windows and Mobile phone. So there is no hardware issue for it. I followed the guide of Manjaro printer and also installed “cnrdrvcups-lb” and “cnrdrvcups-sfp”. I just use the web UI to manage the printer. It can discover the printer as “Canon MF110/910 Series”. It can display the status of the printer. Just after I try to print, either a normal page or a test page, the status shows “render complete” and the LED of printer continue to flicker but never print it out. I don’t know how to do next. Wish get help. Thanks in advance!

I noticed that “cnpkmoduleufr2r” occupy 100% CPU. I think there is the problem. But I don’t know how to solve it.

I get opc-life-over-warning, 'toner-empty-warning`. But indeed, I have full of toner. So I think the driver of the printer on the linux misunderstanding the printer’s message.

After I installed libjbig-shared and libjpeg6-turbo, everything is fine!
The following link provides me answer.
The two dependencies are not optional for me.

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