Canon, Inc. G3010 series printer driver

Hello how do i install Canon G3010 printer driver help please

Apparently you have to build/install this file from AUR AUR (en) - cnijfilter2
pamac build cnijfilter2
and then from the CUPS web page interface you run the “wizard” and you add the printer. Might be required to add the proper sim.ppd file by browsing to the package install folder …

i already installed cnijifilter2 and then what do i do im newbie to Linux

You open CUPS web interface config http://localhost:631/
and i think you have to add the canong3010.ppd from /etc/cups/ folder in that config …
See here CUPS - ArchWiki

dang still confusing me like a noob lol

is this helpful its debian and rpm package can we install in manjaro