Canon C5235F Printer PDL IMG Invalid Data


I have just switched to Linux Manjaro KDE Plasma Desktop Environment and this is my first real experience with Linux. I’m coming over from Windows.

So far I have not experienced any major issues and was able to get everything going and working as I want it to - and I’m quite happy and impressed.

The only real issue that I’m having is with one of the two printers I have installed. Epson M570T was installed and it works without issues. The issue is with my Canon printer.

I have Canon iR-ADV 5235F. I installed the printer through system settings printer utility with the PPD printer file for drivers obtained from here Printer installed and can be printed to. It is also visible in localhost:631. However once the printing starts the printer throws PDL IMG Invalid Data error. According to the manual it means “There is data in the TIFF or JPEG images that cannot be processed by the machine.” and they propose this as a solution “Cancel the job and try printing the data again.” which obviously does not do anything. I have tried printing different text files and or images and the error repeats every time. Other machines on the network ( windows ) print to the printer just fine, same files as well. I have tried a few other drivers and all of them return the same result. Canon website offers Linux drivers for the printer but I cannot install them as they seem to be for Debian and not for Arch Manjaro and I don’t know anything about manually building / making of packages (hope to learn in the future). As I’ve mentioned I’m new to Linux so it might be something on my side that I’m missing.

Searches on the net failed to provide the answer as the answers mostly talk about installing and connecting the printer to the computer which is already done.

Please let me know if any other information is needed and if yes, how to generate it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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