Cannot write to new partition

Hi all,
I mounted a partition on a new SSD today, and when I tried to create a new Steam library on it, I got a read only error. When I navigated to it in Dolphin, I could not make new folders.

The permissions seemed OK to me, ownership was user:group in Dolphin, and I disabled fast boot on Windows (there’s an NTFS partition on the drive as well). I’ve since unmounted and deleted the partition out of frustration from trying to fix it. Can you guys offer any insight into why this was happening?

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Unlike windoze … all other functional filesystems use permissions.
Simply creating a partion (ex: Ext4) does not mean that any given user has read+write access to it.
In fact - it means no one but root does.

Please see any other thread or ddg link or whatever on this topic.

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You must adjust the permissions in /etc/fstab.

A simple sudo chmod a+rwx your_mountpoint should be enough :wink:


I gave it read/write perms in fstab. Sorry, I should have said as much earlier. I’ll give it another shot after I get some homework done and report back.

Blockquote A simple sudo chmod a+rwx your_mountpoint should be enough

I’ll try this in a bit if remounting it doesn’t work.

Two things, you need to make sure, one is the mount point is in a directory you have permissions for; example, your media mounts to /run/media/“YourUserName”/“YourMediaMountPoint” any media mounted inside your user mount directory should be available to you. If it is just mounted in say /run/media it may not, but if that is where you want it to mount then change ownership with this command: sudo chown $USER:$USER "your mount point" there should be no reason to modify the fstab…

Thanks man, I mounted it like I normally would and it still wasn’t working. Your suggestion did the trick!

Once again … mounting is not the point. This is a question of configured permissions.

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Right. I understand. My assumption was that the options in fstab determine the permissions, which was apparently not correct.

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