Cannot work out keybindings

I’ve just install Gnome 40. A lot of applications seem to mention that I need the meta key? I believe the Windows key is mapped to Super.

What can I do here? Should I have a meta key as well? I’m using a keyboard similar to this:

Meta key = Super key = (often) Windows key.

Ok that could make sense. It doesn’t work in combination with other keyboard shortcuts though.

For example the gnome keyboard shortcuts settings says it Super + F opens files (windows + F - works)
intelliJ says meta + comma opens settings (Wndows + comma - Does not work)

Could be an issue with your keyboard layout settings not matching your keyboard just right. Especially when “special” characters do not work as intended.

I’m just going to not try and use that key while I’m coding. Which is a shame as I want to try and use the same keyboard layout that I have when I’m using OSX.