Cannot use unicode shortcut on non-english layouts

I’m using US and RU layouts, and while I can use ctrl+shift+u, when I have US layout selected, when I try to use it with RU layout selected, it just doesn’t work. Didn’t find anything related to it in settings, including Input Devices > Keyboard > Advanced. How can I use this shortcut on RU layout or maybe there are other shortcuts?

The reason I want this is that I sometimes need characters like “#” that are just not present on RU layout and switching back and forth just gets very annoying.

Presumably since you changed the keyboard layout, your ‘u’ it is now mapped to Cyrillic ‘г.’ You could try this site: Perhaps quicker to change the layout using that, not sure.

I wrote a Python script to deal with Cyrillic using transliteration. Just because I have no idea how to find the letters on my Swedish keyboard. :slight_smile: