Cannot use NVME0n1 drive to install Manjaro

I am having trouble installing Manjaro on my SSD.
On the Vulcan installer, I get an error of

There is not enough drive space. At least 7.9 Gib is required

So I tried reformating my SSD using KDE partition manager; however, when I try to create a new partition table, I also got the error of

Create a new partition table (type: gpt) on ‘/dev/nvme0n1’ 
Job: Create new partition table on device ‘/dev/nvme0n1’ 
Command: sfdisk --wipe=always /dev/nvme0n1 
Create new partition table on device ‘/dev/nvme0n1’: Error
Create a new partition table (type: gpt) on ‘/dev/nvme0n1’: Error

I made sure that my drive was in AHCI mode, and it was
The only other issue that I could maybe think of is that my drive already contains several partitions for Arch, but I wanted to overwrite and delete all of those partitions

How would I fix this?
Thank you, and have a good day!

Since it seems you are ok with swiping the entire drive. Try doing that, and with that recreate the partition table (GPT) and then try to create the partitions.

You can do it with gparted that is on the live usb, you don’t HAVE to do it in cli.

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I would suggest to try “gparted” .

Or try:

sudo sgdisk --zap-all /dev/nvme0n1

or, drop to the Super User:

su -
sgdisk --zap-all /dev/nvme0n1

Note: These are only alternatives.

I’d use Gparted if it was available, in preference to any other gui tool.

  1. Select the correct disk (top/right dropdown)
  2. Toolbar: Device → Create new Partition table → GPT.

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That looks like an MBR partitioned disk? (extended?)

GPT I think would look something like this: (I have both win11 and manjaro on the same drive, but separated boot partitions)

Also, what is that strange curling logo in the top left of your window? xD


Maybe this picture is better since it actually IS a nvme and no btrfs that might confuse you:

Always leave those microsoft unknown and reserved partitions alone, they are for the restore stuff in windows.
If you create a disk/partition on windows11, it will become GPT.

I believe the OP will find the dropdown and the toolbar (Device) in the same location without additional images; unless, of course, the instructions to create a new GPT partition table were somehow insufficient.

Once the partition table has been created, nothing else needs to be done in GParted. The OP can continue to install Manjaro on the newly prepared drive, as was their original intention.

That is all.

I was able to solve this issue by booting with Proprietary Drivers instead of Open Source Drivers. I also turned off Fast Boot

That should have been your first step!

I didn’t know lol

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