Cannot update software

I have 4kvideodownloader installed on my system, but am unable to update it. In using the software it nags me to update to its latest version 4.16.4, but as far as Linux is concerned I can only download a .deb file to install from. Running sudo pacman -Syu, Manjaro tells me my system is up to date.

sudo pacman -Qs 4kvideodownloader finds my current installed version which is 4.16.0. So what do need to do?

I suppose you installed it from AUR.
The current AUR version is You have to wait the Maintainer update it.

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Hi @bendipa1,

That’s kind of a complicated answer.

The thing is, and I don’t know if you know this, but there are, basically, 2 sources for software for Manjaro. The official repositories and the AUR. Oh you can install things manually, but that’s kind of besides the point here.

The official repositories contain all software officially packaged for use with Manjaro, by the Manjaro developers.

Then there’s the AUR. Which is not official, maintained by the Manjaro team, but packages, instructions and so on distributed by anyone that’s a member of the AUR community.

The package you mentioned here, 4kvideodownloader, isn’t in the official repositories, but in the AUR:

$ pamac search 4kvideodownloader

4kvideodownloader                                                                                                                                                                                    AUR
Quickly download videos from YouTube in high-quality.

Which basically means there’s nothing you can do. The package maintainer must update the package, then it’ll update and reflect on your system.

So my advice: if everything’s still working, then wait and leave it until it does when the update becomes available.

You could also try a Snap/Flatpak package if there is one available.

Hi bendipa1,
or you can try youtubedl-gui from official repositories.

Thnx for all responses.

Yes, 4kvideodownloader is in AUR. However since posting and leaving Manjaro alone for a week, I returned to find a large number of updates had awaited me, with 4kvideodownloader amongst them. So for the time being all is well.