Cannot update, latest versions of Manjaro won't boot at all

Sometime yesterday I updated 800ish packages via pamac and restarted, only for the boot process to hang after grub.
I’ve not been able to access tty at all either, seems completely frozen.

I have a second drive in my system that I used to install an older version of manjaro, which worked fine, no issues there.
Then I updated that too, installing another 800ish packages, and the same thing that happened to the first system happened again.

So I got the latest version of Manjaro, but the live environment for it doesn’t work at all, it too completely freezes before getting to the desktop.
I then got the latest version of Manjaro gnome, and the live environment for that launched after 15 minutes of holding on a black screen, but the operating system installed with it didn’t, even after an entire night left on.

I’m using an hp pavilion prebuilt desktop, with an i3 10100 and a 1650 super, no modifications to it at all besides new ram.

Any clues on why things keep hanging / what might be incompatible?

so you dowloaded the latest iso from (which is almost 2 months old :unamused:) and you couldnt boot with it too?
were you doing something with your bios - updating it, changing some settings/options there?
are you dual booting with windows?

I downloaded the latest kde iso, and that didn’t make it to the live environment. And I downloaded the latest gnome iso, and that made it to the live environment, but after installing it wouldn’t boot either, same issue as the other two.
Both attempts make it to grub but something after that is hanging.

No changes to the bios, and yes I did have windows installed on another drive.

it would make sense that something with the latest update causes this issue, but not the 2 months old iso…
did you used ventoy to flash the iso?
is secure boot disabled in bios
is fast boot disabled in bios - you may not have this option
AHCI enabled in bios
fast startup disabled in windows

I used ventoy.
Secure boot is disabled.
I don’t see an option for fast boot.
I haven’t used AHCI, the default is RAID.
And I uninstalled windows to make room for old manjaro.

so switch to AHCI, and try booting into manjaro installation, or the manjaro usb …

No success, still freezing up.

do you still have the old rams, if yes you can try it with them…
also try a non arch iso, for example linux mint, and see if you can boot into it

Swapping back to the old ram didn’t change anything.
Mint installed and booted just fine.

well at least its not a hardware issue, but its very interesting that it appeared just out of nowhere…