Cannot uninstall snapd

I switched to manjaro gnome yesterday. i was checking the systemd-analyze then i found snapd affecting alot and as long as i was not using any snapd packages i tried uninstalling but couldnot.
It would be great if you could help me with other units too.

Did you read the error?
It pretty clearly states that you arent removing something that depends on it … thus you cant remove it.
This is partially due to using a rather crude removal (-R)

Do this:

sudo pacman -Rns snapd pamac-snap-plugin

Then also … see this:


thank you that solved could you also help me with the other units that are slowing.

maybe start a new thread

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can you please elaborate ?

He wants you to start a new thread in the forum for your other issue.

ohh okay i thought it was something else to be deone.